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Coaching Services  
Coaching for Individuals
Coaching is a customized process designed to strengthen an individual’s ability to lead and influence in fast-paced and often turbulent environments. Coaching offers leaders a confidential setting to: learn about themselves, identify their strengths and leadership style and to identify and resolve issues which distract from their ability to lead effectively. Our coaching provides a safe place to discuss with an impartial, experienced business coach. Organizational concerns are explored and concrete options are provided. Coaching issues may include: tackling dilemmas, understanding what behaviors might stall the executive’s career, navigating political landscapes and how to put order in what might otherwise feel like chaos in the executive’s world. We specialize in accelerating the development of high-potential leaders. Ask about our coaching programs for Building Leaders in Asia and our Leaders in Early Stage Ventures.

Providing Results-Oriented Business Coaches
Our consultants and coaches are experienced business leaders who know how to respect your business culture. They offer not only their experience in coaching numerous executives, just like yourself, but also provide knowledge of the best practices used by leaders worldwide. They focus on your business success and outcomes tied to your ROI. You will find our business coaches have a style that is very direct, yet non-threatening, trustworthy and results-oriented based on real-time, relevant business issues affecting you and your organization.

Why do Individuals Use Coaching?

  • Executives - Leadership Development, Support Tough Business Challenges, Performance Improvement, Closing the Gaps,Support Organization and Culture Change, Enable High performing Execs to Outperform against Business Goals
  • New Leaders – First Time Enterprise Manager, Group Manager, Functional Manager, Manager of Managers, or Managing Individuals
  • Peers - Creating Accountability in Others; Giving Feedback, Creating a “Coaching Culture”
  • Partners - Discussing the “Tough Stuff”, Building High Performance Teams, High Stake Business Initiatives Where Strong Partnerships are Critical
  • Customers - Building High Performance Customer Service Organizations by Developing Coaching Skills that Can Be Used to Better Understand Customer Issues
  • Across Internal Silos - Championing Resolutions to Get Results
  • Leaders - Learning to Become Great Coaches Themselves, Developing Core Coaching Skills

Typical Areas for Coaching:

  • High Potentials and Emerging Leaders: Grooming for accelerated development and promotions.
  • Development: Growth-oriented coaching in order to develop competencies necessary for success in positions of increased responsibility. We provide a roadmap of what skills should be demonstrated at every level: CXO, GM, SVP, VP, Director, and Manager.
  • On-boarding: Support shortening the time it takes a new leader to positively impact the organization.
  • Performance: Performance-oriented coaching intended to support highly valuable executives in whom the organization has invested heavily, but whose behavior is having a derailing effect on their future success and a detrimental impact on the organization.
  • Transitions: Support with new roles and responsibilities.
  • Self-Mastery: Focused opportunity in compressed time frames to enhance recognition and appreciation of strengths and limitations.
  • Develop Coaching Skills: Coach your team, coach your peers, coach your boss, coach your customers and see better outcomes in all of your conversations.

Coaching Plus for Leaders and their Teams
Executive development coaching strengthens an executive’s ability to lead and manage – but it does not shift business performance. To get traction on business performance requires integrating individual, team and organization issues as part of an executive’s development – all necessary learning for leadership development linked to business results.

Coaching Plus for Business Results
Coaching Plus for Business Results focuses on working with an intact leadership team and allows the “whole system” to get sharper and faster at identifying, understanding and resolving its systemic (individual/team/organization) issues impacting business performance; at the same time, individual leaders receive personalized executive coaching.

Scalable offering addresses the needs of the entire leadership team of a company, a business unit leadership team or an executive team; cutting across individuals, the team and the organization to get traction on the most critical issues impacting overall business performance. Flexible structure allows for easy integration into an organization’s overall strategy for leadership development with a line of sight to key business results.