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Women's Leadership Development  

Fortune 500 companies with the highest percentages of female corporate officers saw, on average, a 35.1% higher return on equity and a 34.0 percent higher return to shareholders than companies with the lowest percentage of female corporate officers.

-2004 Study by Catalyst (a research and advisory organization that focuses on women’s issues)

Who should attend: executives, senior managers, women leaders

Based on 12 competencies necessary for every woman to advance in her career, this program is draws from 10 years of research and coaching work with over 1,000 women identifying their leadership aspirations, the skills they wish to develop, and the roadblocks they identified. Providing case study examples from on a common set of challenges faced by corporate women wanting to advance their careers, these specific competency areas are addressed with skill development and action learning results to break through those roadblocks.

You will learn how to:
  • Project a seasoned, credible leadership presence
  • Gain visibility and reward for your accomplishments
  • Build a reputation as a leader, expert or go-to person
  • Understand the dynamics of power in your organization
  • Build your sphere of influence, and then leverage it to gain access to resources, information and opportunities
  • Cultivate influence, and get buy-in for ideas and initiatives
  • Create, envision, strategize and lead high-profile projects.
Topics include:
  • Your Leadership Vision
  • Self-Leadership
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Leadership Presence
  • Visibility
  • Organizational Awareness
  • Sphere of Influence
  • Influence and Negotiation>
  • Managing Others
  • Business Results

Format: This upbeat and entertaining program includes group discussions, skill building exercises, case studies and extensive Q&A.

Meadowlark Consulting Group works with executives and HR partners world wide in building stronger organizational and leadership capabilities in the business. We provide leadership coaching and consulting working with you to create business leadership cultures tied to strategy and execution.

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