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Legal vs. Ethical: Creating Principled Leaders
in the Age of Sarbanes Oxley

Based on 95 studies and 30 years of research reviewed, the bottom line is that there is a positive relationship that exists between ethical/social performanceand financial performance. Paying attention to ethics initiatives does not destroyfinancial value and does not distract managers from creating value for the company’s stakeholders.

-Building the Business Case for EthicsThe Institute for Corporate Ethics

Who should attend: executives, senior leaders

In the wake of Sarbanes-Oxley and increased scrutiny of corporate conduct, ethics has taken center stage in both the newsroom and the boardroom. While there is much that companies must do to systemize the procedural and informational aspects of ethical compliance, the bedrock of ethical behavior is a strong ethical culture. “Ethics gaps” are primarily due to leadership issues, not necessarily training or legal issues. This program provides executives and managers the business and legal drivers of ethical compliance as well as the practical steps to build strong ethical organizations powered by ethical leaders.

You will learn:

  • The legal context for ethical compliance, including greater executive responsibility and accountability resulting from Sarbanes-Oxley and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines
  • The business case for ethical compliance including the leading research demonstrating a positive linkage between ethical compliance and business performance
  • The five common mistakes made by individuals in responding to ethical challenges and what to do instead
  • The role of ethics in leadership and how to integrate ethics into our daily decision making process
  • Creating a culture of integrity and accountability

Format: This upbeat and entertaining program includes group discussions, skill building exercises, case studies and extensive Q&A

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